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How to deal with big changes in your life

In 'The Psychology of Dealing with Change: How to Become Resilient': Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC says, "Many people spend a great deal of time and energy trying to avoid change, but it will inevitably catch up to them. If you can learn to cope with change, you’ll lower your risk for anxiety and depression (Smith, July 17 2019)"

Major events happen in our lives whether we are ready for them or not. Life transition can include things like, graduating high school, moving to another city, starting a new job, becoming an "empty nester", death of a spouse / loved one, a community event, marriage and so on. Everyone deals with these life transitions differently but the most important thing to remember is that there is a very delicate line between regular, normal transitioning and what happens when we don't "deal" with the transition. Here are a few tips that could certainly help during these times.

  • Understanding when and where we do or do not have control - We try to assume control over things we don't have control over.

  • Practicing self-care after the passing of a loved one - While grieving is different for everyone, it is important to care for self through any life transition.

  • Check your thought patterns - It is very easy to slip into a negative hamster wheel.

  • Be Present - It is easy to get stuck in the past or the future.

  • Find your priorities - This kind of goes back to self-care, make sure you talk to someone you trust to discuss your thoughts, if it would help!

Many people find out how resilient they really are when faced with life transitions, which doesn't always have to be super negative or bad. As you know life transitions can be extremely positive, but the fear of the unknown can really psych us out to where we get 'stuck'. Keeping in mind and practicing these 5 easy ways to help yourself if you find yourself in a life transition could help you feel more in control of yourself and your feelings.

“Crisis or transition of any kind reminds us of what matters most.” - Russell Ballard

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