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Self-discovery leads to   self-improvement 

Have you had enough? Every great journey begins somewhere, let yours begin here, now. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. “They” are not wrong. We’ve all spun our wheels at some point, confused, wondering why. After trying so hard, why haven’t the changes we’ve made worked? But, nothing changes if nothing changes. If you’ve made your way to my website, you’ve probably acknowledged that there is a problem. That is always the first step in making any lasting changes. I know the feelings of fear, shame, and ambivalence that create a barrier to truly embarking on this journey, and I can help you through that. Under my care, you will be seen, heard, respected, and cared for in a way that will allow you to be vulnerable enough to begin your journey towards emotional and mental health freedom. 

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Are you living your best life?


Life rarely works out the way that we have expected it to. We all face many challenges and hardships that make us feel overwhelmed, disinterested, frustrated, and unhappy. Traumatic events from years ago or recent situations can leave you feeling unsafe, confused, isolated, and angry. Displacement of these emotions into other areas of your life puts you in your own way of truly living the life you deserve. We all need help sometimes. Therapy can be the assistance you need to learn new tools and coping mechanisms to manage these difficulties. 

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 Surround yourself with like-minded people who share the same goals.

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It is never too early or too late to connect with people as you navigate your weight loss journey. Support groups offer the kind of comfort and understanding that only others who have lived what you live can give.

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ManEa: Goddess of Madness

I'm just a Greek therapist airing thoughts & feelings in hopes that I reach someone who needs it.

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